Dr Asrat Woldeyes Memorial Fund

Dr Asrat Woldeyes (1928-1999) was Ethiopia’s most famous and distinguished surgeon. He did his training as a doctor and surgeon at Edinburgh Medical School, UK. He later became personal physician to Emperor Haile Selassie I, and was the first Ethiopian Dean of Addis Ababa University Medical School. Today he is a hero to many medical students and doctors in Ethiopia. Sadly, in 1993 he was dismissed from Addis Ababa University and soon afterwards jailed in Ethiopia for his opposition to the government. Known as a peace-loving politician and as a doctor who preached and practiced the highest ethical ideals of Medicine, Dr Asrat spent over four years suffering in Ethiopian prison. He became severely ill in prison and was released for medical treatment, after much international pressure, but died some months later in the USA.

This fund has been set up to raise money for a memorial plaque in Edinburgh Medical School, UK, and to bring awareness to Ethiopia’s most famous surgeon, to recognize Dr Asrat in the UK, and to inspire those who study medicine to follow Dr Asrat’s ideals of medical ethics. It is hoped, also, that a link with Ethiopian surgeon trainees will be established with the funds, for example in the form of a scholarship.

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