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Wazema drama is becoming popular as Mogachoch drama, Dana drama, bekenat makakel , yebet sira drama, betoch drama and demb 5. It kept showing us different areas of the world, that make Wazema Drama the best drama of all Ethiopian Amharic Drama. Enjoy watching the drama and leave some comments and suggestions.

What people say about Wazema drama:

I always follow Wazema drama. I haven’t enjoyed it like I did with other TV dramas like Dana drama or Mogachoch drama but, Wazema is really good Tv series! Currently Wazema is on its latest episode. Wazema drama have a lot of fans from within Ethiopia and outside Ethiopia. Wazema drama is all about teaching people not to migrate without having full awareness of where they are going. Wazema have a lot of issues as far as story is concern such as love story, political story, economic and sociological and cultural life issues. Wazema drama is one of the best dramas on Ethiopian TV EBS dramas and EBC drama.

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