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  • 2-Ingredient Weight Loss Tonic You Should Drink Every Morning on an Empty Stomach!

    This drink has many benefits that people should take and some of them are to prevent cancer and encourage cell health. It contains to super healthy and powerful foods: apple cider vinegar and raw honey.

    Raw honey and its benefits:

    Scientists have discovered the raw honey’s powers and it was found by one study that it’s rich in variety of antioxidants. They act to prevent or slow down the damage of body’s cells. They can also reduce cancer skin cells, lungs and prostate of people that have been diagnosed with the disease.

    A research has shown that it has also anti-bacterial properties and it can be used to heal wounds because it fights bad microbes. The bacteria that have become resistant to prescribed antibiotics can be treated with “medical grade honey”.

    Raw honey can be used to treat gingivitis, even some people think of it as a sweetener. The gum disease can cause symptoms, such as bad breath, pain from chewing, loose teeth, bleeding gums and tender and red gums. But for treating gingivitis, the best alternative to the antibiotics is the raw honey.

    Apple cider vinegar and its benefits

    Many studies claim that it can lower the levels of glucose in the bloodstream, especially if it is consumed before a solid meal. This is great news for those ones with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

    It can also improve digestion and encourage weight loss as it help you feel full after you eat and reduces the cravings between meals. It was sown by a study that consuming apple cider vinegar with meals, it improved the lab rat’s fat profile with and without diabetes, posing a benefit for humans at risk of type-2-diabetes.

    Why to consume apple cider vinegar on empty stomach?

    Timing is the way to make the most out of all the health benefits. It is recommended to drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey as a first thing in the morning, before your breakfast. Your stomach will be activated when you take the first bite of a meal and will break down the swallowed bite with its stomach acid.

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  • Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

    If you don’t drink enough water, it can lead to serious complications. Remember coffee, tea, juice and energy drinks do not count as fluid requirements of the body. In fact, coffee and energy drinks are high in caffeine, which dehydrates the body.
    Though your body can tell when you need water, here are some signs that you do not drink enough water in a day.

    1. Frequency of urination

    On an average, a health person urinates 6-7 times a day. This number varies from person to person as some drink more water than others.

    But if you tend to urinate less than 2-3 times in a day and have not urinated in several hours, this might be an indication of you not drinking enough amount of water. Not drinking enough water, may cause difficulties for your kidneys to filter out impurities efficiently.

    Hence drink enough amount of water per day, for your body requires it to function properly


    2. Dry Skin

    Even your skin requires water as it keeps the skin smooth and shiny. A healthy skin is always hydrated. A hydrated skin will be soft to touch and also will not be dry.

    A dry skin is an indicator of dehydration and skin devoid of water. Another indicator is your skin still is dry even after you using ample amount of lotion or balms to keep it wet. Try and drink few glasses of water every hour in a day. This will keep your skin healthy and wonderfully smooth and soft.


    3. Headaches

    You will know when your headaches occur due to dehydration when they lack the common characteristics associated with a normal headache. But you can identify this type of headache if it gets aggravated with movement.

    When you move up and down stairs, bend down to pick up something or move to fast, the pain worsens. This kind of headache is sign that your body is dehydrated and it requires water. This may have happened when you have sweated a lot, but have ignored to drink any fluids.

    Immediately drink some fluids slowly and take it a bit easy.


    4. Dry Mouth

    Dry mouth is mostly caused by decrease of saliva build up in the mouth. Constant presence of dry mouth can cause permanent throat and mouth disorders.
    Dry mouth can be caused due to less presence of water in the body or by intake of medicines that may cause less production of saliva in the mouth. If you constantly suffer from dry mouth, keep a bottle of water with you can keep drinking water at regular periods of time.


    5. Color of the urine

    One major sign of dehydration is change in the color of your urine. If you are well hydrated, the color of your urine will be clear, but if you are suffering from dehydration, you will notice significant change in the color of the urine.

    And if the color of urine keeps getting darker, it means your body requires immediate supply of water. As you can see in the image below, there are different colors of urine and the brown color means that you are dehydrated. But beware of drinking too much water too fast, as it may make you sick. Drink water slowly so that body gradually replenishes water in the required organs.


    6. Hunger

    When you are feeling hungry suddenly even after you have eaten, it may not be your body craving for that snack, it could be that you are dehydrated.

    Sometimes the body mistakes thirst for hunger. So before you go for that tasty snack, try and take a drink of water. If it satisfies your hunger, it was not really a hunger pang, just your body asking for water.


    7. Dizziness

    Sometimes body loses so much fluid, that you may sometimes experience lightness in your head. Fluid build up in your inner ear can cause dizziness, despite dehydration.

    Try drinking a glass of water after you experience some balance. This condition is very common among athletes who stay in the sun for long.


    8. Symptoms of Chronic dehydration

    There are some other symptoms of dehydration, which are form of more chronic dehydration. These symptoms are often overlooked for the more visible and far more experienced form of dehydration.

    These symptoms are:
    Urinary Tract Infections
    Premature ageing
    Confusion/ Anxiety
    High Cholesterol
    Constipation or heart burn



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  • Brazilian gang hacks and leaks nude photos of female police officer in revenge

    In what seems to be a crude revenge, a criminal gang in Brazil has leaked nude images of a female police officer for arresting their bossman by hacking into her private social media account.

    According to Media Takeout website, one of the most notorious gangs in Brazil, has lived up to its billing by engaging in a new sort of revenge warfare by leaking the nude photos of a senior female police officer as a way of avenging the arrest of some of their members by the police.

    The boss was arrested by a police posse which included the female officer whose name is given as Julia. Julia has been named as a top police officer of Brazilian Military Police of Rio de Janeiro. In revenge the gang hacked into Julia’s private social media account and stumbled on very personal and intimate selfies of the female cop.

    The gang, upset at the arrest of its members including their leader who was arrested by police, they promptly released the naked photos.


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  • Man Waited YEARS To Have Sex With Bride. Then He Learns She’s Having Another Man’s...

    - A new husband got a huge shock after he thought his wife-to-be had been faithfully celibate throughout their courtship.

    - Apparently the reason for that was because they were both devout Christians.

    - It turns out that after they got married, she was found to be pregnant with another man's child

    The new husband said that only weeks after celebrating their marriage vows, his wife announced that she was pregnant - four months' pregnant!


    He says that he can only assume that she had been unfaithful, as he swears that he kept up his end of the deal and remained a virgin - as he expected she would.

    It has not been reported the nationality of the couple, but there are not many cultures in which this extreme form of 'celibacy before marriage' still exist.

    The husband has said that trust has been broken and he is considering opting out of the new marriage due to the lack of faith in his spouse and his extreme religious beliefs.

    There are many men in this world who have taken on their beloved's children by other fathers and brought them up as their own, but this is still taboo to others.


    It would be interesting to find out the outcome of this complicated story.

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