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  • Dembidollo airport inaugurated

    Dembidollo Airport built in Oromia Regional State at a cost of more than 40 million birr was inaugurated today. Present at the inaugural ceremony were Muktar Kedir, Chief Administrator of the state, Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, Minister of Transport and other government officials.

    Speaking at the event, Muktar said the government has attached due focus for projects which boost socio-economic integration and benefits of the people. The airport is equipped with facilities that are essential for domestic flights. It accommodates light aircrafts.

    The airport was built at a gravel level but plans are in the pipeline to upgrade it to asphalt level. A foundation stone will be laid for the construction of Nekemte Airport

    Similarly, Muktar and Dr Workneh inaugurated the 188 km Mekenejo-Dmbidollo asphalt road built at a cost of 2 billion birr.


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  • Eritrea accuses U.S. of instigating fresh border clash with Ethiopia


    Asmara government has accused the United States of masterminding the recent border clashes between Ethiopia and Eritrean forces.

    In a short statement issued on Friday, the Eritrean Ministry of Information further accused the U.S. Administration of providing arms to Ethiopia to aid the latter carry out the alleged attack.

    Last week, forces of the two rival neighbours engaged in heavy border fighting around Tserona central front, an area about 75 kilometres south of the Eritrean capital, Asmara.

    Hundreds of soldiers are reported to have been killed and many more wounded from both sides.

    The two sides traded blame over who first sparked the two-day battle which broke out on Sunday.

    The latest battle is the most serious military engagement since the 1998-2000 border war which has claimed the lives of an estimated more than 70,000 people.

    In the past, Eritrea has repeatedly accused the U.S. of instigating conflict in the region.

    Asmara accuses the U.S. of being major role player in instigating conflicts between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It has also accused Washington of having role on its border war with Djibouti.

    This time, the Red sea nation has similarly pointed accusing fingers on Barack Obama’s administration.

    “Eritrea is aware of Washington’s instigation not only of the attack against Eritrea that the Ethiopian forces launched last Sunday, June 12, 2016 but also in its deployment of weapons along the border for a much expanded offensive,” the statement alleged.

    Following the clashes, the United States voiced "grave concern" and called on both sides to exercise restraint and engage in political dialogue.

    In a statement issued Tuesday, John Kirby, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby urged the two arch rivals to cooperate in promoting stability and sustainable peace in the region.

    “As both Ethiopia and Eritrea are party to the 2000 Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and there cannot be a military solution, we call for both sides to exercise restraint and engage in political dialogue,” he said.

    However Eritrea has downplayed US statement as nothing but “crocodile tears”.

    “In the event, shedding crocodile tears and issuing a bland statement by the spokesperson of the U.S. State Department calling on ‘both sides to show restraint’ cannot impress anyone” Eritrea’s statement added.

    It added Eritrea will disclose these facts in due time.

    In a separate statement Eritrea said it is appalled by the statement of UN Secretary General, Ban-ki Moon for calling on both sides to exercise restraint and refrain from any act or statement that could exacerbate the situation.

    “In the circumstances, we find the statement that apportions equal blame to the victim and the aggressor and calls on both sides to show restraint untenable” the statement reads.

    “This unfortunate statement can only corrode further the moral authority of the Secretary General’s Office” it added.

    The two countries remain at odds over the flashpoint town of Badme which was the source of the two-year long conflict.

    The Hague-based Boundary Commission 2002 ruling gave away the disputed town to Eritrea; however, Ethiopia has refused to accept insisting for more talks on implementation.

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  • DRC Border Guards found 19 Dead Bodies of Ethiopian Migrants

    Lubumbashi - Congolese border guards found the bodies of 19 Ethiopian migrants who had died of asphyxia in a lorry carrying nearly 100 stowaways, after being alerted by a "nauseous" smell, officials said on Saturday.

    Seventy-six other Ethiopians were found still alive when the Zambian-registered truck was stopped on Thursday in the southeast of Congo, close to the border with Zambia.

    "We stopped this vehicle ... because of the nauseous smell which was coming from the trailer," said Jean-Pierre Lubosha, the local head of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border guard (DMG).

    All the survivors stated that they had fled their country to head for southern Africa, passing through Kenya, in search of better lives, according to Lubosha.

    The lorry's crew had claimed to be transporting small fish.

    "The bodies were handed over to the Zambian authorities on Thursday. We interviewed the survivors who all claimed to be Ethiopian nationals," said Lubosha.

    The survivors were handed over to Zambian officials on Friday.

    "We congratulate the Congolese authorities for their vigilance, allowing them to discover this scandalous human trafficking, implicating three Zambian members of the (lorry) crew," said Zambian vice consul David Nyangulu.

    He added that an international investigation was underway to dismantle the people smuggling network.


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