• The Weeknd Wins 8 Billboard Awards


    The Canadian presence was fierce at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, with The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Drake winning trophies while Céline Dion took home a lifetime achievement award.


    The Weeknd, who’s real name is Abel Tesfaye, won eight awards, more than any male artist in Billboard history.


    The sweep included Top R&B song for The Hills, Top Hot 100 Artist and Top R&B album for Beauty Behind the Madness.


    The pop star from Toronto dedicated one of his wins to Prince, who died last month, saying the late artist will still help him “push the envelope.”


    Toronto’s The Weeknd accepts the Top Hot 100 Artist award onstage during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards Sunday. ( Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


    “I love him so much. I didn’t know him, but he was so close to me. He will always be an inspiration.”

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  • Samuel Zemichael AKA Dr Engineer Released From Prison

    Two years ago Samuel Zemichael who was widely known as Dr Engineer Samuel was sentenced for three years after found guilty in public fraud.


    After serving two years at Kaliti state prison Samuel was released today many people remember him as a jury at the Ethiopian business competition and he was also famous for his speech at university graudation ceremonies.

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  • ETHIOPIA – Car crash kills 20 people in three days

    (FBC) –Some 20 people were killed in road traffic accidents occurred in Oromia regional state during the past three days.


    A car crash which occurred in Dolo woreda (district), Borena zone, claimed the lives of 12 people. About 18 people also sustained serious injuries.

    Similarly, three people were killed when a bus carrying 46 people crashed yesterday on the Addis-Adama expressway. Some 16 sustained serious injuries and 17 received minor injuries.


    Five people were missing due to a car accidents occurred in Arsi, East and West Shoa and West Hararge zones.

    According to Niguse Girma, deputy commander of Oromia special zone police commission, properties were also damaged by the accidents.

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  • Ethiopia's army is trying to rescue 108 women and children abducted in a cross-border raid in the western Gambella region, the government says.



    It blamed Friday's raid, in which 208 people died, on the Murle community from neighbouring South Sudan.
    The government said the army had killed 60 of those who carried out the attack.
    The Murle have previously been accused of carrying out cattle raids and stealing children to raise as their own.
    A mother whose husband was killed and three of her children abducted by the attackers told the BBC that she has no hope of seeing her children again.

    A map showing Gambella province in west Ethiopia
    "I don't know if they were killed during the crossfire," Chol Malual said. "The fighting was intense and if they survived, they will be probably be killed by the Murles."
    Meanwhile, additional medical personnel have been sent from the capital Addis Ababa to help treat dozens of people who were injured during the attack.
    "We have treated 82 patients," a medic in the Gambella region told the BBC, "most suffering from bullet wounds to the chest, abdomen or head.
    "We feel insecure here and would like the government to deploy security guards in the more dangerous areas."
    Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said in an address to the nation on Sunday that Ethiopia was seeking permission to cross the border for a joint military operation with South Sudan.

    Mr Hailemariam said neither South Sudan's army nor rebel forces were involved in Friday's attack.
    The prime minister added that "primitive and destructive forces kill people here at various times by moving from place to place".
    The targets of the raid were members of the Nuer ethnic group who live in both South Sudan and Ethiopia, the AFP news agency reports.

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  • Ethiopia: defective condoms found

    The Procurement Agency is looking into a national purchase of condoms by the Pharmaceuticals Fund & Supply Authority (PFSA) following a complaint received about the poor quality of the purchased condoms. It was the Authority who first filed its complaint and requested blacklisting of the supplier, an Indian company, HLL Life Care Ltd.

    The company, which is a major international supplier, has failed to supply standard quality condoms.

    Though PFSA is responsible for purchasing, supplies are required to be tested and approved by the Food, Medicines & Health Care Administration & Control Authority (FMHACA). Various tests are applied to condoms to check size in terms of length and width, thickness and quantity of lubricant, packaging and hole test.

    Of the total supply received, 60 batches were randomly tested and found to have holes when tested under simulated bursting effect and pressure.

    The Pharmaceuticals Authority declined to comment on anything related to the particular purchase including the number of condoms purchased and delivered so far.

    “The case is pending and therefore not ready to be declared publicly,” said Yemanebirhan Tadesse, its deputy director.

    Data from two years ago showed that 60 million condoms are imported through the Pharmaceuticals Authority only, while other strong suppliers of condoms in the country like DKT Import bring in condoms of diverse quality and options.


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