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  • A stowaway refugee found on a plane from Ethiopia to the Swedish capital Stockholm

    Stockholm (dpa) - A stowaway refugee found on a plane from Ethiopia to the Swedish capital Stockholm survived the 10-hour journey via Vienna in a pressurized container in the cargo hold, police said Monday.

    The man, 27, said he was an Ethiopian national and has submitted an asylum application in Sweden, police spokesman Lars Bystrom told dpa. Police and paramedics were alerted, but a check-up showed he did not require medical treatment.

    He was discovered at Stockholm Arlanda Airport by baggage handlers unloading an Ethiopian Airlines flight that arrived early Monday, said Johan Live of Swedaviam, the company that operates the airport.

    Police have launched an investigation into possible human trafficking.

    In August, another stowaway from Ethiopia survived a similar journey in the cargo hold of another flight to Stockholm. He also applied for asylum and said via an interpreter that he had hidden in the cargo hold at Addis Ababa‘s Bole Airport.

    The previous stowaway was in possession of a badge identifying him as an airport employee, which could explain how he managed to get onboard the plane, the Swedish border police said at the time.


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  • Ethiopian Atlanta 'BigT' store owner Tessema Lulseged pleads guilty to ‘trafficking in food stamps’

    Ethiopian Atlanta 'BigT' store owner Tessema Lulseged pleads guilty to ‘trafficking in food stamps’ 



    The now-former owner of a DeKalb County convenience store pleaded guilty Tuesday to “trafficking in food stamps,” admitting culpability in a scheme that federal authorities say netted him millions.

    Tessema Lulseged, 49, was the owner and operator of Decatur’s Big T Supermarket when, according to information released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta, he allowed customers to trade in their food stamps for cash. Lulseged reportedly offered the customers 60 cents on the dollar and required them to purchase additional products from his store.

    Authorities believe Lulseged made $6.5 million through the scheme from January 2009 through April 2014. Federal authorities seized more than $700,000, as well as Lulseged’s home and store, in 2014.

    “Food stamps are intended to provide assistance to our citizens most in need,” acting U.S. Attorney John A. Horn said in a statement. “This defendant ran a corrupt exchange scheme that, until his scheme was discovered, undermined the purpose of the program and resulted in great financial benefit to himself.”

    Lulseged pleaded guilty Tuesday in front of U.S. District Court Judge Leigh Martin May. He is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

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  • In Zimbabwe: 40-Years-Old Mother Set To Marry Own Son In Zimbabwe

    In Zimbabwe: 40-Years-Old Mother Set To Marry Own Son In Zimbabwe


    A woman is set to marry her own son.  The woman and her son claim to be in love with each other and now they want to take their relationship to the next level and get married considering that the mother, Betty Mbereko (from Mwenezi in Masvingo) is now six months pregnant and expecting her son’s child, and her grandchild.

    Mbereko, 40,  has been a widow for the past 12 years and has been living with her 23-years-old son Farai Mbereko.
    She confirms that she is six month pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says are coveting her.
    Betty stunned a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier.
    She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it.
    “Look, I strove alone to send my son to school and no one helped me. Now you see that my son is working and you accuse me of doing something wrong.
    “Let me enjoy the products of my sweat,” she told the village court council.
    Farai said he was more than prepared to marry his mother and would pay off the ilobola balance his father had left unpaid to his grandparents.
    “I know my father died before he finished paying the bride price and I am prepared to pay it off,” he said. “It is better to publicise what is happening because people should know that I am the one who made my mother pregnant.
    Otherwise they will accuse her of promiscuity.” But local headman Nathan Muputirwa says: “We cannot allow this to happen in our village, mashura chaiwo aya, (This is a bad omen indeed). In the past they would have to be killed but today we cannot do it because we are afraid of the police.”


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  • BREAKING NEWS: Bomb blast in the district of Anwar Masjid, Addis Ababa

    UPDATE 4: Video of the explosion as it happens and killed at least 6 people can be found here.

    UPDATE 3: Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported at least 24 people injured and citywide manhunt underway. Police asks help from citizens to report any unusual activity.

    UPDATE 2: Fana Broadcasting Corporation has talked to Government Communication Office and confirmed it was a bomb attack and said security officials are investigating the situation.

    UPDATE 1: Witnesses have said an electric pole that fell down injured people.

    Several people have been reported injured in an explosion in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, residents say. The explosion happened in the district of Anwar Masjid today on the occasion of Jumaa. Witnesses to the explosion said it happened as worshippers were in their Friday afternoon prayers. Casualties were taken to Tekle Haymanot General Hospital, a nearby hospital. No more details have been reported and there has been no claim of responsibility for the explosion.

    We will update as soon as we contact our sources on the ground.

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